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Work, work!

It’s funny that I should begin this post with at title that harkens back to Warcraft, since I’ve been working pretty heavily on write-ups for Warhammer Online. The game is coming soon, but the NDA-lift is coming even sooner. So the game may as well be out now as far as everyone at Massively is concerned — me included! Of course I’ve also been busy with some feature work and podcasting for Big Download, as well. The newest BigCast will be up this coming Monday, so check out the website or subscribe to our iTunes feed!

I got into the Red Alert 3 beta. It’s a pretty decent game from the looks of things. However, the terrible online play (POWERED BY GAMESPY, BLECH!) made me go back to Company of Heroes just to enjoy its beautifully smooth and silky online features. Oh, how I want to caress that game disc every time I play it. So you’re on notice Red Alert 3, if your singleplayer isn’t better than this I’m going to be sorely disappointed in you!

I’ll get back to this Blag when things calm down, which could be a little while. So instead, I think I’ll get back as soon as I can. Yeah that’s probably for the best.