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July 23, 2008, 10:44 am
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This is the first of hopefully many posts.

Of course, this blog is purely for my own enjoyment and musings just as any personal blog tends to be. I don’t especially plan to format my writing in any one particular style, as I enjoy just writing all willy nilly-like.

Since you’re probably wondering what will be on this blog, I’ll make a fun list!

  • Videogames, lots of ’em
  • Movies of many different kinds
  • Comicbooks
  • Rambling rants
  • High level geekery!
Its already beginning and fall isnt even here yet

It's already beginning and fall isn't even here yet

So uh, yeah. Hmm … Sooo, this is awkward. I think I’ll just go back to playin Final Fantasy IV DS now, because y’know — it’s great fun.