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Turn-based bitching
July 24, 2008, 11:43 pm
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I’m really digging the remake of Final Fantasy IV on the DS. I never really bothred with the GBA port, so I decided this was the perfect time to dive back into my past a bit. I’m really starting to get tired of JRPGs (and RPGs in general) that want to move into “real-time action” territory. I don’t have a problem with action games, in fact I quite love them. I only wish that RPG developers could figure out different “innovations” than just mapping leveling-up and looting systems to a less than wonderful action game, which is what many of those games tend to become.

Sometimes simple RPG mechanics with a lot of charm are enough to win me over. I don’t need to have some insanely deep system that’s a headache to even figure out before it becomes any fun. I just want an engaging battle system with an addictive level-up mechanic. Add a twist or two, but keep it within reason. The same goes for strategy games too, they need some more turn-based love. Games like Disgaea and Civilization Revolution are so much fun to play and yet we see so very few of them.

I honestly wonder what’s stopping a good developer from taking a compelling concept and developing a great turn-based RPG with a couple of really great innovations in it. Where’s my turn-based zombie survival RPG with a dark and human story ala The Walking Dead or my giant online co-op turn-based mecha/monster battle RPG? Let me and my friends form Zoltron (Voltron’s lesser-known cousin) and bash some giant alien monster heads in. Give me something strange, daring and different!

The game that will never be!

The game that will never be!

It’s all just wishful thinking, though. Pipedreams and all that stuff we hate to remind ourselves about. No publisher would ever take the chance on something like what I’ve suggested, unfortunately. Although, I personally think an RPG where you and three or four other survivors deal with a zombie apocalypse is genius. Maybe someday…


July 23, 2008, 10:44 am
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This is the first of hopefully many posts.

Of course, this blog is purely for my own enjoyment and musings just as any personal blog tends to be. I don’t especially plan to format my writing in any one particular style, as I enjoy just writing all willy nilly-like.

Since you’re probably wondering what will be on this blog, I’ll make a fun list!

  • Videogames, lots of ’em
  • Movies of many different kinds
  • Comicbooks
  • Rambling rants
  • High level geekery!
Its already beginning and fall isnt even here yet

It's already beginning and fall isn't even here yet

So uh, yeah. Hmm … Sooo, this is awkward. I think I’ll just go back to playin Final Fantasy IV DS now, because y’know — it’s great fun.