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So the new year has dawned and things are off to a slow start, but I’m sure everything will kick into high gear before I realize it. I’m only a week or so away from being able to purchase my first iPhone (two year plan is about to expire) and thus my mind is currently focused around that new tiny world to explore with my pointer finger. Yes, I meant that to sound dirty and wrong.

As for gaming, the titles I’m drooling over right now are all surprisingly PC games. Champions Online, Dawn of War II, Dragon Age and Starcraft II. I’m hoping we get each of these before June, but that’s probably asking a bit too much. If anything, I’d be happy with waiting until the end of the year for Starcraft II, which would allow me to spend a lot more time with Dawn of War II for my strategy game needs.

Right now my time is being split between World of Warcraft, Persona 4 and City of Heroes. Although I’m also doing things like reading Anathem and World War Z, so, yeah … I’m too busy for my own good as usual. Oh, did I mention I’m trying to work on another D&D4E campaign as well? Although I’m half-tempted to wait until the middle of March, when the second Players Handbook comes out, so everyone involved can use the new classes and races.

Anyhow, that’s a small glimpse into my rather geeky life. I’m probably leaving out a lot of little things, which are very likely littered somewhere in my twitter feed! (@KyleHorner)


July 23, 2008, 10:44 am
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This is the first of hopefully many posts.

Of course, this blog is purely for my own enjoyment and musings just as any personal blog tends to be. I don’t especially plan to format my writing in any one particular style, as I enjoy just writing all willy nilly-like.

Since you’re probably wondering what will be on this blog, I’ll make a fun list!

  • Videogames, lots of ’em
  • Movies of many different kinds
  • Comicbooks
  • Rambling rants
  • High level geekery!
Its already beginning and fall isnt even here yet

It's already beginning and fall isn't even here yet

So uh, yeah. Hmm … Sooo, this is awkward. I think I’ll just go back to playin Final Fantasy IV DS now, because y’know — it’s great fun.